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Linkfarma Cosmo


International Pharma

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We facilitate European import and export operations in the pharmaceutical field


Brand Positioning
Consulting for your brand internationalization process.


Search & Supply
Search the market for your pharmaceutical products request.

Pharmacy OPT

Pharmacies Optimization
Tailor made advice on your pharmacy management model.

Digital Pharma

Online Pharmacy
Counseling on online business strategies for your pharmacy.

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Why clients choose us?

Partnering is at the core of our business model and we pride ourselves on conducting productive and profitable relationships.

Through our commitment to the provision of outstanding service delivery, we guarantee:

Linkfarma Cosmo exists to ease an efficient flow of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to markets where they are most needed.

We provide highly reliable, transparent and cost-effective intermediary services to pharma industry wholesalers, distributors, brands and pharmacies alike.

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A little bit of History

The people behind

Today Linkfarma Cosmo is a strong company whose success is based on its well-established network of international partners, as well as a deep knowledge of the pharmacy store management and brand positioning strategies.

It was founded on 2013 and since then it thrives under the leadership of Emanuele Spagnuolo. Linkfarma Cosmo emerged as the materialization of Emanuele’s and a former university colleague ideas, being both well experienced healthcare professionals in the pharmacy field that started their careers as pharmacy managers in UK. The founders acquired an integral understanding of the pharmacy business by learning both the needs of the pharmacy stores as well as the needs of the patients, from their practical experience.

Later moving to the international distribution management, provided them with key contacts across different continents together with a broader vision of the pharmaceutical distribution arena.

At this point, based on their versatile professional background, they started the Linkfarma Cosmo journey which evolved in the acquisition of expertise on brand positioning in the pharmaceutical markets through the management of sales representatives and medical advisors teams, and also followed the digital revolution trend, bringing the company to the front line of today’s online pharmaceutical services.